OLC Newsletter from Dawn August 2023

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer break from Wednesday night rehearsals.

Very few events match the pleasure of a successful concert that we pulled off in June.  Such events provide a great opportunity to bond with fellow singers, forming long-term friendships. 

I hope everyone will be returning on September 13th for our season of wonderful Christmas music to be performed on Saturday 16th December in Christchurch. We will be singing Schubert Mass in G which is full of beautiful melodies.  Schubert did write hundreds of bonnie tunes!!

We had 11 singers for Summer Singing which is very nearly 1/2 of the choir and the general impression was very favourable.  We managed two movements ( and lots more ) which went down very well.  We have an exciting term to look forward to.

Please inform me ASAP if you do NOT intend to return to the choir in September.  As far as I can see there will be several singers who would like to change section.  I know who you are as we have already spoken about it earlier. Please give thought to this and I can reform the choir to produce the maximum sound possible. Also, the recruitment of singers is essential and foremost in my mind. Before Covid we had 35 singers, now we have only 23.

Please tell everyone you meet that you sing with OLC, a vibrant, versatile, and friendly choir, and encourage them to come along. Encouragement and help is available for all.  We need to build up the 1st Soprano AND 2nd Soprano sections.

Rehearsals will be from 7.15 – 9.00 pm as we have a slightly later start.  The Schubert will require a lot of work BUT it is NOT difficult. We need to maintain the standard set at the last concert, also the Mozart in Dec. 2022 and the Chilcott Jazz concert in June 2022. I am in constant touch with ABCD.  They are very pleased that we are still going strong after the Covid as many choirs are still struggling to “get off the ground” and the general trend is for reduced audience size which we experience as well.

Just an afterthought, we constantly hope to increase the committee which is so essential for our concert making.  Please think about how you can use YOUR skills to support the choir.

Looking forward to seeing you all in September and please remember to contact me directly if you will not be returning.  Please do not use Oslchoir. My number is 01691 654802 or davidjaffray5@gmail.com.

Miss you all, Keep si – si – si – singing !!